6 Years of Downfall

“You’re right! I am turning into this horrible person. Maybe I already am. I am always irritated, agitated, aggressive.. I try to stay calm. Don’t you know this is exhausting? It exhausts me. I’m.. I am being a mom, I am being your wife. I am juggling these roles. It’s just that, right now, I’m … More 6 Years of Downfall

How Can a Photograph Capture the Image of a Person Falling Apart?

I stared at the black and white photograph, “Is this how unhappy I look like?” I hadn’t realized it before. I was never beautiful, but looking at this picture.. This is not me. This can’t be me. This is far from the remark of “Oh. I look so ugly” I took the photograph, studied a … More How Can a Photograph Capture the Image of a Person Falling Apart?

Rage and Hibernation

I can’t believe someone could be that colorless. You’re right. I’d use the word pale. But that seems like an understatement. When you see her, you might as well grab a TV remote and ramp up the color intensity. Yes, that girl. Have you noticed how her skin glows? No, not that kind of glow. … More Rage and Hibernation

First Date

  And here I am, two years later, approaching August on a rainy afternoon. We’re supposed to be celebrating our second year anniversary in a few days if I hadn’t done the things I did. The things we wish we didn’t do usually are the same things that would mark us and push us to … More First Date

Instant Feelings

We live in a world of instant ramens from some fancy, aesthetically pleasing Korean mart and when we eat it, it gives us a false feeling of being cultured and having in-depth personality. That instant. We live in a world of instant messages. We’ll start off exchanging messages, see if we could last way past … More Instant Feelings

Hopeless Romantics

There are two types of people: the hopeless romantics and the realists. Hopeless romantics think they only get to fall hard once, and once they do, they’d do everything just to cling on. They could be sleepwalking inside their own bubble filled with romantic books, movies and sad songs and all there is. You’ll usually … More Hopeless Romantics

Cost of Freedom

 “I just cant imagine myself in shackles, following his lead, his guidance, his eyes trained on me. I wanted to be wrong again, I wanted to make some mistakes, I wanted to learn, I wanted to rise, I wanted to live.” What does it really mean to be free? What does it really take to … More Cost of Freedom

Grow Backwards

This is how adult life is.. running from point A to point B, back and forth, always rushing, always rushing to your next deadline, always a minute too late. You can’t waste time, but you always do. Of course, you do. When you were still a child, you always waste time, too. But you cannot … More Grow Backwards