Midnight Tempo

Midnight has this power to arouse your inner peace. My second Listopia is all about midnight chill and relaxation featuring my personal favorite, Chet Faker.

If you’re a night owl, you know too well that midnight is just the perfect time to do your craft. Let it be painting, writing – anything that you do with all your heart. Midnight brings this feeling of euphoric loneliness; the feeling that no one is watching you, no one expects anything from you. You are on your own little world, and you can perfect everything, not out of fear of criticism, but out of passion. Its a perfect time for your own version of perfection.

On the other hand, there are some nights when it is also perfect to do nothing. The art of doing nothing; to finally relax after a long day, slip into your comfortable shirt, plant yourself on the couch, and listen to music. Chet Faker, is the best  for this lazy kind of midnight. If you are into downtempo and soul music, Chet Faker is a treat.

Chet is the master of intimacy. His songs can actually be a good soundtrack for passionate midnight loving, if you know what I mean… But he can also be  a good company if you are enjoying your time alone like me. A good background noise to pair up with your usual coffee, tea, or ice cold beer? wine? or  – just grab your comfort drink and chill.

Here are my top 5 personal favorites:

#5  Terms & Conditions

#4 Love & Feeling

#3 Gold

#2. Talk is Cheap

#1 No Diggity

I first heard Chet Faker from his viral YouTube video, No Diggity. It’s a cover he played with his friends and it is  really good, so it has been passed on (and on and on).

He’s been my midnight tune since then. Some of you may already know him, but if you haven’t heard him yet, then give him a try. I’m sure he’ll  be setting the mood of your next midnight.

Featured Image was from MTV.com
More from Chet Faker here:  Nick Murphy (Chet Faker)
Weekly prompt: Discover Challenge: Song


5 thoughts on “Midnight Tempo”

  1. **Just a quick one: #Listopia is supposed to be a #PostaWeek blog category which will be published every Monday, but I decided to make my Listopia #2 published a little early for Weekly Prompt #DiscoveryWP.


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