Come, You Will Be Admired

Come, let me take a good look at you
Take off your skin, tear off your mask
Look, your colors are more vibrant with your own shades of black

So come, show me your madness, your flaws
Show me something you are ashamed of
Show me the things you have been hiding
Rip yourself open, so raw, so honest

Come, unclench your fists
Dance, sing your heart out
Scream, shout your foulest words
Break down, cry, be happy
Be weak, be mean, be strong
Be angry, be soft

Break free, lose yourself
Find yourself, be yourself
Show me yourself

Show me,
The person you wish you are
The person underneath
The person you wish you’re not

Show me,
Who are you at this very moment?
Come, flaunt your imperfections
You will be admired

Because how I wish,
How I wish
How I wish
How I really wish
I have the courage to show myself
and you have the guts to watch

Today its the other way around
Come, you will be admired

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(Public Domain. Free for commercial use. No attribution required)


23 thoughts on “Come, You Will Be Admired”

  1. This is a very moving poem, Von! And quite well-written. It reminds me a bit of an old poem I wrote in my twenties called “Crazy Girls.” Here it is, if you don’t mind. You can delete or edit the comment to get rid of it if you want. I won’t take offense. πŸ™‚

    “Crazy Girls”
    No one wants a crazy girl and I don’t blame them one bit
    crazy girls call at the wrong time of night
    crazy girls are too heavy
    crazy girls want sex and then they don’t
    crazy girls call home and then they won’t talk
    crazy girls cry at all the wrong time
    crazy girls aren’t cool–even their best friends know.

    Never let a crazy girl get drunk
    Don’t let her get stoned
    crazy girls will crawl up poles and call for help
    to their daddies who will not hear.

    And well they shouldn’t.

    Everyone knows–even their best friends–that crazy girls aren’t cool
    they’re not suicides
    they’re not artists
    they’re not schizos

    crazy girls are just crazy
    so just

    Leave them alone.

    Copyright 1972 Timi Townsend. All rights reserved.

    I hope you enjoy! πŸ™‚

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    1. You’re poem is an accurate, very accurate description of “Hey, she’s crazy”. Crazy girls have worlds of their own, let’s leave them alone! I love this poem. I have a BIG heart for crazy girls. They may not be cool, but they are real.

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    2. Loved the original poem by Von. Thanks Betcha for sharing, glad I read it and the comments too. I am a crazy girl and I speak for all. We love to be left alone Because we are strong enough to face life. Nobody is born crazy and those making fun of them don’t have the balls to go through what they have been through. So if you can’t eat it, don’t fart about it. And go and save the girls who bank upon you, if you can or else trust me when I say they can take you out from your self created mess.

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  2. An amazing write-up Von. ❀
    It's tough to open your wounds and fears up to someone. But what hurts is the person who you confides in after gathering so much of courage mocks you for your wounds or doesn't understand you.


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