3 minute Mumble

“Well.. how about some jog? You can jog around the village this 5pm. There is no sun. You’ll be alright! You’ll feel alright afterwards. ”
“Hey you should go to school. You may fail you know. You’ve been skipping class for one week now, or maybe a month! You just dont notice it but you’ve been just wearing that uniform and.. you just go home. Its not alright. You notice that?”

“Why dont you dress up and go hang out with your friends you know?”

“Orrr why dont you just go out by yourself, unwind. Like the old days? You’ll feel good.”

“Or why dont you read your book?”

“Or why don’t you work on your business. Emails and messages are piling up. People are looking for you.”

“Or why dont you check on your kids you know they need you too”

“Or why dont you treat ma right?”

“Or why dont you treat your husband right?”

“Why dont you treat yourself right?”

“Why are you right there again?”

“Look at yourself. You are a mess and you are so comfortable.. being sad and useless and horrible.”

“You even tried smoking dope. Its a cause of euphoria, but not for you. Still not for you. God’s sake. You even tried coffee.”

“You eat junks. You dont take a shower.”

“Stop letting yourself be like that.”

“Get up and move von”

“What the fuck are you waiting for”

“Life doesnt get better on their own dont wait for it to be better before you live it.”

“Problems doesnt just solve on their own”

“You cant rely on your mood”

“Stop fucking give in”

“Gett upp”

“Get upp”

— there is a lot thoughts going inside your head and you just lie down. Blank eyed.

We look like we are not fighting. God knows whats up. We are forcing ourselves. We are forcing and forcing and forcing ourselves to please, please, put it altogether.

Some days you just cant. You know

Some days.. you just cant

Some days it wins

Some days you just lie down right there

Stare at the day as it goes by.. 


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